The Farmer’s Grill Night

Our Farmers Grill Nights give us the opportunity to showcase our quality home reared steaks cooked to perfection in our kitchen. All our steaks are sourced from our own traditionally reared heard of beef cattle on the Tortworth Estate, ensuring you receive quality British beef, cooked to your liking by our chef. Don’t fancy a steak? We also offer a mixed grill and sausages and mash. Starters and desserts are available so why not treat yourself to an evening out?

The Menu

Our Signature 21 day, dry aged Rib Eye Steak. – We recommend rare-medium rare! Cut from the rib section of the forequarter, the Rib Eye is the Butchers’ first choice. The Rib Eye is heavily marbled and is the most tender and juicy of all the steaks with a deep bodied flavour.

10oz    £15.95           14oz     £19.95

28 day, dry aged Sirloin Steak Marbled and tender with a rich buttery fat covering which bastes and caramelises this steak. Taken from the centre of the short loin which consistently produces great texture and flavour.

8oz       £14.95          12oz     £22.95

21 day, dry aged Fillet Steak – The Fillet is the finest of all the prime steaks with a delicate flavour, close grain and low fat content. Our Fillet is prepared from the middle of the tenderloin.

8oz       £25.95

Add a Mature cheese and Mustard Rarebit Topping £2.25

28 day, dry aged Prime Rump Steak – The Rump has a full flavour developed through the aging process and has been carefully trimmed and prepared by our Butchers’.

8oz       £13.95          12oz     £18.95

Please choose one of the following potato dishes which will be served with your steak.

Chips    –     Sweet Potato Mash   –    Dauphinoise.


Chefs classic peppercorn sauce                                  £2.45

Port jus reduction                                                                £3.95

75g Slice of Oxford Blue cheese                                 £2.75

Netherend Farm Butter with rosemary salt           £1.00

Buttered peas and carrots                                              £1.95

Smoked garlic mushrooms                                            £2.25

Roasted cherry tomatoes                                               £2.25

Mixed salad leaves with croutons                              £1.95

Cabbage with smoked bacon                                       £2.25

Onion Rings                                                                           £2.75

Mixed vegetables                                                               £1.95

Build Your Own

Tortworth Burger

Our homemade beef pate in a toasted bun with lettuce and mayonnaise, a pickle and served with chips.  £9.95

Add a Topper for £2.25


1) A second Tortworth Beef Pate

2) Black Bomber Cheese and Fried Onions.

3) Black Pudding and Fried Egg

4) Dry Cured Back Bacon & Onion Rings

5) Mushrooms and Blue Cheese

New for 2017

Farmer’s Mixed Grill 18oz

Cumberland Sausage Ring, lamb Chop, Gammon Steak, Bavette Steak, Black pudding, Grilled Tomato, Free Range Egg, Chips & Onion Rings.


Gammon Steak 10oz

10oz Dry Cured Gammon Steak, Free Range Egg, Pineapple, Chips, Peas and Salad Garnish. £11.95


Sausage and Mash

Two Cumberland Sausage Rings served with Creamy Mashed Potato, Peas and Onion Gravy.