Here at Tortworth Estate Farm Shop, we aim to emphasize the importance of homemade produce and taking advantage of the seasonal goods which the British countryside and the farming industry has to offer. This lead to the developement of our homemade selection, all of which is made from British products and produced on site. Our ever growing range now includes a variety of pies, pasties, chutneys, jams, ready meals and more.

The Tortworth Pasty

The most recent addition to our homemade range is our Tortworth Pasty.  Freshly produced on site daily, the Tortworth Pasty is our own take on the traditional pasty. Made using home reared steak which is produced on our farm, the pasty is the perfect example of home reared, home produced food. Come in and give one a try and don’t forget to tell us what you think!

Sausage Rolls

We also produce all our own sausage rolls using sausage meat produced in the butchery. Our sausage rolls are also made in a variety of flavours such as Old English, Pork and Stilton and Welsh Dragon, perfect for any sausage roll fan. Our sausage rolls can be bought cooked from our deli counter, making them ideal for a lunchtime or as a snack.

Scotch Eggs

Scotch eggs have long been a favourite from our deli counter and are still proving just as popular. Made from scratch on site daily, our scotch eggs make the perfect lunchtime treat. We stock both regular and cheesey scotch eggs so come and try both and pick a favourite. Don’t forget to let us know!

Pork Pies

Our pork pies have been a working developement for a while however we think we may have perfected our recipe. We use pork from our butchery in our pies meaning they’re another example of a home reared home produced british classic. Come in and give them a try!