Puddleditch Farm Vending

Coming soon …

We hope to be officially opening on Sunday 11th June – Open Farm Sunday

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Want to try a new way to buy Local, Healthy, Sustainably produced food?

Come to our new, on farm, locker vending shop.

                                       Puddleditch Farm, Berkeley, GL13 9EU

Angus rotational grazing fresh grass everyday, this is great for there health, and yours!

Products – we focus on minimal food miles, with many products being grown and produced here on the farm. We supply all the fresh meat, which is hung and butchered at Tortworth Estate Shop. We also produce all the fruit and veg from our no dig market garden here at Puddleditch. We also stock a range of local suppliers that we already know and trust, some being other members of the family, with Wendys farmhouse cakes, Linda Nothing added Meringues, Jess’s Ladies Dairy Products, Local cheeses, drinks and so many more not to forget many products from Tortworth farm shop. 

We offer a range of fruit and veg from our own farm as well as fresh beef and lamb, eggs and honey.


We have a passion for letting as many people learn about where there food comes from. Local schools and discussion groups are invited to the farm. We are also involved with Open Farm Sunday run by LEAF, which is run to help public understand the work we do on our farm.

Open Farm Sunday 


Fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, quality fresh eggs and meat are at the heart of our business. Our no dig market garden produces high fiber, nutrient dense food which is essential for a healthy diet. Freshly picked field ripened produce is packed full of flavor with 0 food miles!


Nature is key to everything we do, we strive to improve the range of plant species and wildlife here on the farm. We encourage a range of insects and bird species by providing habits, also with the herbal grass mixes we grow for the cows. We do not use chemical sprays or man-made fertilizers, but invest in soil health.

Thank you for reading through this if you still have a question or comment please let us know either by a message through our social media or email – elmviewherd@gmail.com