Ready Meals

We pride our homemade range on providing good and nutritious meals and our ready meals are no exception. Made on site using fresh ingredients, these meals offer a nutritious and wholesome meal for when your in a rush without the hassle of trying to cook.

Cauliflower Cheese (G,D)

A deliciously simple homemade meal, made with locally produced vegetables.

Lancashire Hot Pot(G,E)

A traditional meal made from locally produced lamb, stock and vegetables.

Beef Lasagne(G,E,D,C)

Made from beef mince from our butchery, which was produced on our farm, with a tomato sauce and a white sauce.

Vegetable Lasagne(G,E,M,C)

Made using a variety of fresh vegetables including mixed peppers, courgettes and aubergines, all cooked in a tomato sauce.

Ham and Mustard Gratin(G,M,D)

Made using ham from our butchery and leeks cooked in a white sauce

Dauphinois Potatoes(D)

The perfect side dish to a meal or can be eaten on its own. Made using locally sourced potatoes and a cheese sauce.