Here at Tortworth Estate Farm Shop we stock a wide variety of products from a range of different producers. Whilst we aim to predominantly stock British goods, we also stock some products from further a field. Our staff work hard to ensure we stock the very best products which will appeal to a wide range of customers and we aim to offer something for everyone. So why not pop in and see what we have to offer?


Cotswold Fudge Co.

If you happen to find yourself in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds deep amongst the fields, you may be lucky enough to stumble upon the lovely ladies of the Cotswold Fudge Co. These ladies create mouth wateringly delicious fudges on a daily basis, using traditional hand made recipes to create a variety of flavours of fudges and brittles using only fair trade ingredients. We stock a multitude of their delicious flavours including:-

Butterscotch Fudge
A traditional butter fudge blended with a caramel and butterscotch flavour to create a deliciously sweet fudge.
Cotswold Gin
The best selling butter fudge recipe combined with a generous slug of Cotswold Gin, creating a melt in the mouth fudge.
Crumbly Tablet
A very similar recipe to the traditional butter fudge without the added golden syrup, giving the fudge a crumbly and slightly plainer taste.
Made with ground ginger blended into the fudge mix and then sprinkled with pieces of crystallised ginger.
Sea Salt
A traditional butter fudge mix with a hint of sea salt, giving the fudge a richer caramel flavour.
Smooth Cappuccino
Fair-trade coffee added to a fine smooth fudge blend and sprinkled with a light dusting of cocoa powder.

Bramley and Gage

Bramley and Gage are the proud producers of 6 O’clock Gin, a range of strikingly smooth hand crafter artisan gins. The company was started nearly 30 years ago by Penny and Edward Kain, who were making deliciously fruity liquors from the fruit produced by their fruit farm and developed the companies first gin recipe as a base for their sloe gin. Over many years, the gin recipe was perfected and the wonderful flavour of 6 O’clock emerged through careful experimentation with precisely balanced botanicals. With roots firmly in Bristol, Bramley and Gage are a proudly British brand which is now expanding its availability across the world.

Jekka’s Edition (40%)
This special edition gin is produced from freshly picked herbs from Jekka McVicar’s famous herb garden and is distilled on the same day with London Dry Gin, creating a crisp and fresh taste.
London Dry (43%)
The original strikingly smooth 6 O’clock Gin flavour has a clean flavour led by juniper. Lovely even to look at in its iconic Bristol Blue glass bottle, a nod to its heritage.
Sloe Gin (26%)
6 O’clock sloe gin is produced in small batches with a high sloe to gin ratio and plenty of sugar before being left to mature for at least 6 months.


Founded in 1970 by William Tullberg, Tracklements was the first producer in the UK of wholegrain mustard using a recipe found in John Evelyn’s diary from the 17th century. Now almost 50 years later, Tracklements now produces a range of over 60 different condiments. To ensure the best quality for their condiments, all are produced using natural ingredients and are produced in small batches ensuring a homemade taste. We stock a wide range of Tracklements products including:-

Robust Wholegrain Mustard
An earthy and utterly delicious taste, perfect for stiring through a cheese sauce or mashed potato to add an extra flavour.
Strong Horseradish Cream
The perfect companion to Roast Beef with a Sunday Lunch or ideal in a sandwich, this delicious fiery sauce is made using English horseradish and fresh cream.
Rich Redcurrant Jelly
Ideal with lamb or gammon, this sweet ruby red sauce is the perfect addition to rich gamey meats for that extra flavour.
Fresh Mint Jelly
Made with a generous helping of lemon juice, this mint jelly is the perfect companion for a lamb roast dinner.

Jess’s Ladies Milk

Jess and her family have been farming at Hardwicke Farm in the heart of Gloucestershire for 3 generations. They aim to produce the highest possible quality of organic milk and all know each of “The Ladies” by name. The milk is all organic and is not homogenised as they believe the milk tastes better this way and it prevents any nutrients from being removed. The family also produce cream, milk and kefir, all of which can be purchased within our shop.